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Checklist for studies of HIV drug resistance prevalence or incidence: rationale and recommended use

September 13, 2023

Lawrence Mbuagbaw PhD, Cristian Garcia MSc, Bluma Brenner PhD, Diego Cecchini PhD, Mohamed Chakroun MD, Pascal Djiadeu PhD, Africa Holguin PhD, Orna Mor PhD, Neil Parkin PhD, Maria M Santoro PhD, Santiago Ávila-Ríos PhD, Joseph Fokam PhD, Andrew Phillips PhD, Robert W Shafer MD and Michael R Jordan MD

Lancet HIV. 2023 Sep 13;S2352-3018(23)00173-X.
PMID: 37716367 | DOI: 10.1016/S2352-3018(23)00173-X

HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) is a major challenge to the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy. Global efforts in addressing HIVDR require clear, transparent, and replicable reporting in HIVDR studies. We describe the rationale and recommended use of a checklist that should be included in reports of HIVDR incidence and prevalence. After preliminary consultations with experts on HIVDR and establishing the need for guidance on HIVDR reporting, we used a sequential, explanatory, mixed methods approach to create the checklist; together with the accompanying articles, the checklist was reviewed by the authors and validated externally. The checklist for studies on HIVDR prevalence or incidence (CEDRIC-HIV) includes 15 recommended items that would enhance transparency and facilitate interpretation, comparability, and replicability of HIVDR studies. CEDRIC-HIV will help authors of HIVDR studies prepare research reports and assist reviewers and editors in assessments of completeness of reporting. The checklist will also facilitate statistical pooling and interpretation of HIVDR data.

Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37716367/